John Ehninger art



The Christmas Tree.jpg

The Christmas Tree

Hound Dog and Pumpkins.jpg

Hound Dog and Pumpkins

Bringing in the Hay.jpg

Bringing in the Hay



Emilio Boggio paintings

Departure to the Fields.jpg

Departure to the Fields

A Winter Afternoon in Auvers.jpg

A Winter Afternoon in Auvers

The Forest.jpg

The Forest

Landscape with a Bridge.jpg

Landscape with a Bridge

The Bourgogne Road Auvers.jpg

The Bourgogne Road, Auvers

End of Day.jpg

End of Day

Under the trees at the edge of the Oise.jpg

Under the trees at the edge of the Oise

Boats on the Lake.jpg

Boats on the Lake



Max Michael

The Sunday service.jpg

The Sunday service

The Mass.jpg

The Mass

Forest Nymph.jpg

Forest Nymph

In the forest.jpg

In the forest


Max Michael