Jehan-Georges Vibert art

Newspapers also known as Les Journaux).jpg

Newspapers (also known as Les Journaux)

A Marvelous Sauce.jpg

A Marvelous Sauce

The State Secret.jpg

The State Secret

An Afternoon Libation.jpg

An Afternoon Libation

Scandal also known as Un scandale).jpg

Scandal (also known as Un scandale)

The Kimono also known as The Yellow Parasol).jpg

The Kimono (also known as The Yellow Parasol)

The Preening Peacock.jpg

The Preening Peacock

At the Corrida.jpg

At the Corrida

Autumn Flowers.jpg

Autumn Flowers

The Church in Danger.jpg

The Church in Danger

The Ripe Melon.jpg

The Ripe Melon



William Delacour

Landscape triptych left wing).jpg

Landscape (triptych, left wing)

Self Portrait.jpg

Self Portrait

Landscape triptych right wing).jpg

Landscape (triptych, right wing)

View of Edinburgh.jpg

View of Edinburgh

Alan McDonald Piper to Archibald Montgomerie 11th Earl of Eglinton.jpg

Alan McDonald, Piper to Archibald Montgomerie, 11th Earl of Eglinton

Landscape triptych centre panel).jpg

Landscape (triptych, centre panel)



Franz von Lenbach art

Portrait of a Woman.jpg

Portrait of a Woman


Prince Otto von Bismarck (1815–1898)

Portrait of Charlotte von Lenbach.jpg

Portrait of Charlotte von Lenbach

Village Street in Aresing.jpg

Village Street in Aresing

Elsa Mothwurf.jpg

Elsa Mothwurf

William Ewart Gladstone.jpg

William Ewart Gladstone

Landscape with Advancing Thunderstorm.jpg

Landscape with Advancing Thunderstorm

Bismarck as Hunter.jpg

Bismarck as Hunter

Bismarck in Uniform.jpg

Bismarck in Uniform

General von Hartmann with Wife and Son.jpg

General von Hartmann with Wife and Son

Bismarck Study).jpg

Bismarck (Study)


Franz von Lenbach art