James Barenger art

The Theobald Stud.jpg

The Theobald Stud


James Barenger art


Francesco Fieravino

Still Life with a Helmet.jpg

Still Life with a Helmet

Armour collection.jpg

Armour collection

Armour collection.jpg

Armour collection

Still-life with carpet.jpg

Still-life with carpet

Still life with a dog.jpg

Still life with a dog

Still-Life Lemons and Violin.jpg

Still-Life, Lemons and Violin

Still Life.jpg

Still Life

Still Life with a Melon.jpg

Still Life with a Melon

Nature morte au tapis dorient et à la tenture.jpg

Nature morte au tapis d'orient et à la tenture

Still Life with an Oriental Carpet.jpg

Still Life with an Oriental Carpet

A still life with a guitar a fan a statuette of a violinist a snuff box a mirror and flowers all on a draped table.jpg

A still life with a guitar, a fan, a statuette of a violinist, a snuff box, a mirror and flowers, all on a draped table



Alexander Hohenlohe Burr art

Scene from Dora by Alfred Tennyson.jpg

Scene from 'Dora', by Alfred Tennyson

The Mask.jpg

The Mask

Saying Grace.jpg

Saying Grace

Home from the Fair.jpg

Home from the Fair

The Rustic Crop.jpg

The Rustic Crop



Repairing the Doll.jpg

Repairing the Doll

The Bird Catcher.jpg

The Bird Catcher

The Night Stall.jpg

The Night Stall

The Musical Party.jpg

The Musical Party

Grace before Meat.jpg

Grace before Meat