What are the basic elements of oil painting?

Oil painting is a precious legacy left to us by the history of mankind. It has enriched human visual and spiritual world with unique charisma and enlightened people 's artistic esthetics and thought realm. Oil painting in the reproduction of natural beauty and the ideal of beauty, the beauty of the exploration of the aesthetic reached an unprecedented level.

(1) reproduction of natural beauty

Mankind is in the continuous understanding and exchange of nature progress and development, as the ideology of art is more inextricably linked with nature. The ability of painting to reproduce nature is accompanied by the gradual improvement of the development of human civilization and science and technology. The emergence of oil painting will be the history of painting in the reproduction of the depth of a big step forward. The ability of painting to create three-dimensional illusion of space and the true degree of the performance of natural objects, as well as the richness and depth are beyond the other types of paintings, painters use superb painting skills to create a strong natural beauty and human spirit.
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(2) the beauty of the ideal, the beauty of form

The beauty of art is the beauty of the natural beauty, after the establishment of norms in line with the wishes of a people's subjective beauty. The formalized expression of ideal beauty is formal beauty. Reproduction in the oil painting and the pursuit of the ideal is the United States at the same time. Classical oil painting pays attention to the sense of reality and ideal. It is a standardized reflection of human aesthetic feelings. It is well proportioned, smooth lines, rounded shapes, harmonious colors and elegant mood. At the same time, the ideal beauty is also with the changes of the times and the differences between the artist's personality and change. In addition to stylized beauty, as well as baroque bold style of the United States and the ideal, there are simple, heavy natural beauty. The pursuit of the ideal beauty brings the beauty of digging. In the late period of oil painting development, the main purpose is to explore the beauty of form, the improvement of oil painting technique makes the form change colorful, so that the oil painting works.