Eugène Fromentin

Arabs Watering Their Horses.jpg

Arabs Watering Their Horses

Abreuvoir à Laghouat en Algerie.jpg

Abreuvoir à Laghouat, en Algerie

An Encampment in the Atlas Mountains.jpg

An Encampment in the Atlas Mountains

Khan in Algiers.jpg

Khan in Algiers

Centaurs Exercising by Shooting with the Bow.jpg

Centaurs Exercising by Shooting with the Bow

Ville dAlgérie Algerian Town).jpg

Ville d'Algérie (Algerian Town)

North African Landscape.jpg

North African Landscape

Arab Caravan by the Shore.jpg

Arab Caravan by the Shore

Bergers dans une oasis Herdsmen at an Oasis).jpg

Bergers dans une oasis (Herdsmen at an Oasis)

An Ambush.jpg

An Ambush

Crossing the Ford.jpg

Crossing the Ford



William Vincent Cahill

Grandmas Gown.jpg

Grandma's Gown

Thoughts of the Sea.jpg

Thoughts of the Sea



Felipe Ramírez paintings

Still Life with Cardoon Francolin Grapes and Irises.jpg

Still Life with Cardoon, Francolin, Grapes and Irises,


Felipe Ramírez paintings