Do you remember your childhood ... The bruises on my knees ...





Childhood, happy time, carefree world, different.

Fairy tales, where princes and fairies, where

there is love.


Childhood ends then

when there are memories that cause sadness.


Childhood - a foreign country:

speaking the same language,

parents and children often

do not understand each other.


Childhood - is when you bought the bike so rejoice,

as you will not be happy

in the future purchase of a vehicle.


Not childhood escapes from us, and we run away from childhood.


In children, there is no past, no future, but, unlike us, the adults, they umeeyut

Use this.


In the world there is nothing left true. Except for children's smiles.


The world of childhood, a large and beautiful we all lived in this world, all passed through the world of childhood. There is nothing more wonderful and beautiful world order.




In the world there is an eternal childhood carefree, kindness, ease air clouds and childlike naivete, carelessness.





Happy childhood never leave the heart and soul of everyone.

Probably every man lives by memories of carefree childhood.



Do you remember your childhood ... The bruises on my knees ...

Hands in fresh scratches, dust in the face ...

As all the friendly crowd were making carts

Of those old wheels that found at the dump.


And the wind drone flew with gorushki,

Certainly in the nettles lose our next ...

And then from the bubbling water column

Drank quickly, excitedly ... How was gentle dawn ...




How I wish sometimes

Be in the world of childhood

Ran through puddles barefoot

Where to find such a tool?


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