ALLEN BENTLEY Dancing under the water

Exotic dance comes from painting and a fantastic story comes from another planet.
- There is no such! - you say ??
- Everything is possible!!! - I will answer.
In any case, in my head, this docking occurred.


At that time, it seemed to me that I wanted to get married. There were no other goals, and eventually, I had to fly a heap of trillions of kilometers, and - more seriously - to spend a few years on it.
It all started like this: Eleanor and I danced.
For me, in itself, it was already an achievement - I was born on Earth and lived only a few years on Aree. If you have never experienced the power of attraction three times more than what you think is normal, you will never understand what it means. Fractures of bones, torn ligaments - those are not unfortunate misfortunes with which you will have to put up with Aree.
So, we danced water polo. On Earth, water polo is a game, something like football. But there are other rules on Array. That night, Eleanor was irresistible. In the water, she broke off such a terrific pas that I was only marveling. She made out such combinations of figures that she began to attract the attention of the others, although the water dance floor was full of children. Her long dark hair fluttered in the water like a bullfighter's cloak, and for a while, I just stared at her like a hypnotized bull. And she smiled invitingly, inviting to dance.



In my head several half-existing, half-fanciful dance steps were spinning around, at which I was not even sure if it was possible to fulfill them in conditions of attraction in even one G. Actually, I would not have risked really trying for anything To make such steps with the partner at any force of attraction.
However, talking about dancing is as silly as trying to express the dance architecture. I do not know what words it is better to convey the way we danced that evening and what is so special about our dance. I can hardly imagine how this happened. I will only say that when the music finally died down and we finished our dance with strong embraces, we broke off a real ovation. How much it was possible under water.





And the next morning they came for us. Her parents tore Eleanor from my arms, and only a bottle of unfinished martini on the side of the pool suggested that yesterday's dance was not a dream or an obsession. At that moment I could not do anything - so much I did not believe in the happiness of possessing Eleanor, and in the fact that it would end in a day. Only he could see how she was hiding in appearance, while the deafened ambassador of the Earth was reading to me the boring notation about the connections that defamed us in the eyes of the Aryans.
It was enough to pass a stupor - and I rushed to search. Neither the ambassador nor the stupid prohibitions were a hindrance to me. And only the news that Eleanor was from a completely different planet, made me think - in her world, gravity was even greater. The mystery of graceful dance was revealed, but even this could not stop me. Neither brutal five G, nor half-answer. I pictured us in old age sitting on the veranda surrounded by grandchildren and great-grandchildren, she knits, I read the newspaper. Yes, no matter how stupid it did not sound, but I fell in love, without looking back, forever and forever, thanks to just one dance and a single night. And I'm one of those who, if set a goal, will achieve it in any way.



And I went in search of her. I made the shortest route and ... The bureaucratic system has never had such success. To fly from point A to point B, both sides needed permission, each of them being beaten by long lines and hundreds of inquiries, hours of negotiations and a broken voice from promises. Then the flight and the whole story begins anew. I learned how to fill in the forms of inquiries from the first time, learned from dozens of dialects, got to know, it seems, with all kinds of bureaucrats.
Only after a few years, I went into the orbit of her planet. Trillions of miles behind, a dozen or two flights ... What's strange is that there is nothing left of love. The goal is reached, I'm a thousand kilometers from her house - but I sit and look at the blue ball hanging in the void, and I'm sorry for the years spent on getting here. I already had time to burn out, and only idleness and purpose led me past months.
I dialed the call number from the orbital station, dictated to the operator the number. The screen flashed, and Eleanor's features cut through the veil of noise.
- Yes?
"Do you ... do you recognize me?" I asked.
A second delay - and she shook her head.
- Who are you?
I cut off the connection. Well, who said that time and distance can not kill love? I opened the log book


and wrote: "At the time, it seemed to me that I wanted to get married. There were no other goals, and eventually, I had to fly a heck of a trillion kilometers ... "

Authors: Amirov IA Sam.









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