Homer Dodge Martin art

Saranac Lake 1869.jpg

Saranac Lake, 1869

Criqueboeuf Church.jpg

Criqueboeuf Church

Landscape also known as Glimpse of Lake George).jpg

Landscape (also known as Glimpse of Lake George)

Landscape near Mahopac New York.jpg

Landscape near Mahopac, New York

View of the Seine: Harp of the Winds.jpg

View of the Seine: Harp of the Winds

Sunset Adirondack Lake.jpg

Sunset, Adirondack Lake

Turkey Mountain New Jersey.jpg

Turkey Mountain, New Jersey

Low Tide Villerville.jpg

Low Tide, Villerville

Newport Neck.jpg

Newport Neck

The White Mountains from Randolph Hill.jpg

The White Mountains, from Randolph Hill

Lake George.jpg

Lake George


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