"The artist Jacek Jerko - conductor from another world"

Departure from reality - the world of puzzles and fantasies


  Polish artist Jacek Jerko, Jacek Kowalski in the world, famous throughout the world for its fancy pictures, riddles. Draws from his childhood, and then, from the earliest, and then in the Academy of Art, he had to defend his unique style: "My teachers somehow always wanted that I would go back to reality and painted, as it should be: traditionally, without unnecessary fantasies" .


Protect your vision of the world Jacek succeeded, and now more than 20 years of the artist's work can be found in various publications, they exhibited in Europe and the United States, and are in several collections throughout the world.

Carefully traced cloth Jacek Jerko filled with echoes of the famous surrealists of the past - from Hieronymus Bosch and Pieter Bruegel to Salvador Dali and Rene Magritte. But there is in them, and some mystery to solve which is quite possible to be in a different world, where you can sleep in the middle of the forest, the ships fly through the sky, and hid in the trees the whole estate. AdMe.ru, seems unable to solve it. Try it and you.


Double life.


Labyrinth spring.




Klimt Gustav Paintings

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Beautiful Woman Paintings Art by Vladimir Volegov

Vladimir Volegov's portraits, oil on canvas paintings, with loose, thick lines, muted backgrounds and immediate, direct eyelines, are created from the few pictures that survive of these largely forgotten women.

She lays much of the blame on the mainly male academics who compiled what we think of as the artistic canon. "There hasn't been enough research into female artists and attributing their work properly. So when historians see a fabulous painting they tend to attribute it to a well-known man."

Here we share some beautiful woman paintings below:









Who to choose when you have to paint the house


You need to paint the house and it is time to call a company, but you have no idea who to choose. You have received offers from several craftsmen but now you're really confused because the deals are very different. How do you know what is the best ? And why not choose the lowest bid ?

When analyzing the tenders , the first thing to do is to be sure that all are offering the same level of service and materials. You should always require a detailed quote showing what exactly will be done , as this work will be obtained and what kind of products will be used. This will allow you to make a true comparison and make an informed decision . You may also wish to know more about the experience that owns the company that you're going to choose . After all, you want the best possible results with the budget you have at your disposal .

There are other practical issues to consider when choosing a company to paint the house. You get the feeling you could trust ? They have good references and are presented in a positive and professional ? You feel that you are giving the right advice ? Do not be afraid to ask questions about how to do the job . It is you who will pay for their experience so they should be well prepared to advise you on the best before consuming them .

One thing that many still do not understand when they take a craftsman is that the cheapest is not necessarily the best. For example, when buying a second hand car A Walk by the Sea Painting , is the oldest and cheapest is , but it is probably also the one with the most problems. An old saying says "who spends save " a company with years of experience and satisfied customers behind not detract from their own work or that of its employees by sending you an offer with unrealistic costs just to win the job. In other words, when you can always better to opt for a little ' quality rather than the lowest bid  .

by (Sally Swatland Paintings)


The quality of materials is very important when you think to paint your house. Do you know that there is always a difference in quality between the product and the product, so when examining an offer , be sure that the listed materials are of good quality , and maybe ask around about the quality of those proposed .

At the end of all this , however, you should always  choose someone you feel you could trust , that will respect you and your home , someone who not only halves the cost of a bid to get the job .

An old proverb says: " Good things are not cheap, cheap things are not nice ! "


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