Sounds birth thoughts ..... Artist Arbe Berberyan



Sounds birth thoughts ..... Artist Arbe Berberyan


2Vyrosshy in Soviet Armenia, Arbe Berberyan, the son of renowned artist and professor of art and design, has opened its first exhibition in 12 years. In 1970 his paintings were sent to two years in an international tour "World through the eyes of children", visiting France, Italy, Canada and the United States. Of the 65 paintings, only four returned to Armenia. In 1981, he received a master's degree at the University of Art and Design in Yerevan. Since 1984, the artist lives and works in Los Angeles.


Flat iron Building New York - Canvas


Mergers drama, love and music, the romantic image of women in his paintings are executed in an attractive, mysterious manner of writing. The music of Mozart, Verdi, Bach appear sketches on paper, and then the artist, listening to him, sees, hears, how to change the images and take shape, and then starts to work Arbe on canvas.


"I wish we could all live in harmony," - says Arbe Berberyan, - "I know it sounds simple, but finding a good balance between laughter and sadness is very important in my life. And I try to show in my art."



"People - as musical instruments:


their sound depends on who touched them ... "(Virgil)





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