Gustave Caillebotte Anchored Boat on the Seine at Argenteuil oil painting reproductions

Author: Xu Xiaoran

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If you want to create a good piece of work, fall in love with it.

I just did it¡£ Love, just like the love in life so meaningful, and like the love that people can not get.

Little Ben has been dreaming of caricature of his novels, but the journey is slow. As a result, many single paintings (many, many, many) have been made, and the novel has been systematically arranged, but the true meaning of the cartoon has never taken shape.

I mean, it was originally a comic book. Probably a painting like that

This is "Bloodline" in the kindred Lulu Ms. TiA Zetkin

After many years, very many of the characters of painting, I fell in love with the heroine Violetta, Fivel (Violetta Favole), such an idea, let her in the creation of more and more three-dimensional, more and more appear in the actual course of my life.

Just some excerpts from the painting on violetta,

Such a girl, I have been deadlocked. Until one day a few months ago

I want to see some painting in the art room when I was in high school. Those paintings look very tall

Then, lying on the bed, I jumped up! Why can't they paint oil paintings? I can't do it!

Tall, is it the reason to stop me?


My painting intention is to draw out the Violetta to keep her alive, in another form.

Then just buy some pens, some of the Phoenix picture frame, picture frame, cheap deflavored turpentine oil color, began painting,

First draw the effect chart, and use the Mark pen

Shooting in angelo.

The later failed, the whole painting out of shape, the best time picture is this:

Then oil paintings are in a slump. Feeling so difficult, powerless

Then, I know, almost met

@ Jin Xiaoyao

Several times, chatting, speculating, meeting with each other, he was an artist, and we met for the first time in his studio, patiently taught,

To me, like a farmer who could only be vegetarian for a lifetime, walked into the king's restaurant.

From then on, I began to slowly light comics, learning the so-called orthodox Art

Study western art history, study sketch, human body





Complete self-study, through the school elective, the teacher is a 53 year old oil painting artist, hiking around the world.

Learn fast, because the foundation has unwittingly, playing well, familiar with the pen

Learning well is because of love.

In Yao's place, I was asked to copy at first, and I chose Claude Monet, a painter who was more appreciative


Later, the master took the door and practiced in the individual. He bought a pile of paintings himself and painted himself all the time

Small Yao let me understand, draw material, see brand

Then I found my previous paper was canson! I just put on the glue and make the canvas.

Pigments began to buy Windsor Newton, artist and Lucas, and occasionally pay tribute to old Holland. That is to say, the price of paint has increased by 15 times.

2000 monthly living expenses, a half months, I went to Xiao Yao to buy painting materials, that is the budget 600, but each time, the life is impoverished = =

Learn to pick pen, the price of their pens began to improve, began to appear a pen 65 situation, more and more understanding of painting materials, understand all kinds of oil "feeling", curing linseed oil, cold rolling walnut oil,

Ronnie dowler turpentine started to buy 500 ml of that 100 yuan.

It's really expensive, but it's really different.

More and more skilled, but also because of the sketch, because once you have a good configuration ability, after the painting or the color of the wrong, you are not panic, because it has been in their control.

There are themes that begin to appear




Gustave Caillebotte Anchored Boat on the Seine at Argenteuil oil painting reproductions

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