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Has been more like painting, but it is painting a cartoon beauty of the pen strokes or something, a period of time relatively busy, bought the oil paint and pen began to draw, probably painted four, there is a rising sun Painted like an orange, do not take pictures. The first two for each two hours; the third painted four or five hours; the fourth figure avatar, hey, three minutes to get, because left a little pigment, the color is only suitable for painting individual face.
The area is very small, probably the length of more than ten centimeters, the figure is smaller, from the hair to the jaw also a thumb length, ha ha, left a little paint can only draw so big, and is whim.

I do not have the easel, that is, the shop is painted on the table.
The second piece of the top half of the photo can let you see the size


In short it is very interesting, but also a special sense of accomplishment. Hey hey. Not difficult I was downloading a picture of a foreign landscape painting master, according to his painting video. The name is what I can not remember, and that is the English, I can only listen to the ears as much as possible, look carefully at the action, the color can understand the tune can be painted well. Have this idea can try, really good. Because the first painting, there must be to maintain a calm state, to be particularly patient.

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