Winter dream


The winter night is dying
In the fluffy haze,
What do you see in them today,
Tell me?

You put a hand into your fist,
You will cling to the shoulder,
Do not be afraid! Good firefly
The candle will light.

He will guide you through dreams,
Where are the stars?
To your hands goes down
Midnight Arch ...
Vladimir Kush tableaux
You will look in the mirror of the Moon,
Correct the strand,
And I'm on the other side
I'll stay and wait.

On the black sky clouds
As a light fluff,
It is a pity that they will never allow
In your dream of us two ...

Lying of the lily of the valley at the feet,
And the swan is white,
And in the morning you will remember that the cricket
So sad sang?

And the scents of flowers,
Ah, as a sign,
The sound of your footsteps subsides -
Crystal ringing ...

So here they are, your dreams!
And I did not know -
Today you are Cinderella
You're hurrying to the ball.

Dance, my sleepy baby,
Circling and singing -
While the dawn did not touch the roofs,
I am here with you.

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