Emanuel Murant

A Landscape with Cottages.jpg

A Landscape with Cottages

A Ruined Farm.jpg

A Ruined Farm

Landscape with a Bridge.jpg

Landscape with a Bridge

The Farm Well.jpg

The Farm Well

The Old Castle.jpg

The Old Castle

Woman at a Village Well.jpg

Woman at a Village Well



Louis Gurlitt paintings

Evening at Kullen.jpg

Evening at Kullen

Mountain Landscape around Dorf in the Tyrol.jpg

Mountain Landscape around Dorf in the Tyrol

View into Mountains near Civitella.jpg

View into Mountains near Civitella

Norwegian Falls.jpg

Norwegian Falls

Near Esrum on Seeland.jpg

Near Esrum on Seeland

A Water Mill near Christiana.jpg

A Water Mill near Christiana


Louis Gurlitt paintings


Master of the Tiburtine Sibyl

Madonna and Child and Saint Anne.jpg

Madonna and Child and Saint Anne

The Tiburtine Sybils prophecy to the Emperor Augustus.jpg

The Tiburtine Sybil's prophecy to the Emperor Augustus