John Dawson Watson

No rint.jpg

No rint

William Hughes.jpg

William Hughes

High Street Kingston Surrey.jpg

High Street, Kingston, Surrey

Little Girl Sewing.jpg

Little Girl Sewing



The Poisoned Cup.jpg

The Poisoned Cup

Rosalind Preparing to Leave Duke Fredericks Palace As You Like It by William Shakespeare.jpg

Rosalind Preparing to Leave Duke Frederick's Palace, 'As You Like It' by William Shakespeare

Cleaning Day.jpg

Cleaning Day



Woman With A Fan.jpg

Woman With A Fan

James Francis Prosser Mayor of Tewkesbury.jpg

James Francis Prosser, Mayor of Tewkesbury



Samuel Bough

Borrowdale Cumbria.jpg

Borrowdale, Cumbria

Burnss Cottage Alloway.jpg

Burns's Cottage, Alloway

Newhaven Pier.jpg

Newhaven Pier

A Glade in Cadzow Forest: Clothes Drying.jpg

A Glade in Cadzow Forest: Clothes Drying



Askham Mill.jpg

Askham Mill

Royal Volunteer Review 7 August 1860.jpg

Royal Volunteer Review, 7 August 1860

Dunkirk Harbour.jpg

Dunkirk Harbour

Scarborough Castle.jpg

Scarborough Castle

Cricket Match at Edenside Carlisle.jpg

Cricket Match at Edenside, Carlisle

A Sunny Day in Iona.jpg

A Sunny Day in Iona



Simone Peterzano art

The Deposition.jpg

The Deposition

Angelica and Medoro.jpg

Angelica and Medoro



Entombment of Christ.jpg

Entombment of Christ

The Flagellation of Christ.jpg

The Flagellation of Christ

Allegoria della musica.jpg

Allegoria della musica

Madonna and Child.jpg

Madonna and Child

Self Portrait.jpg

Self Portrait

Still-Life of Figs.jpg

Still-Life of Figs

Christ in the Garden.jpg

Christ in the Garden

Peapods and Cherries.jpg

Peapods and Cherries