Gerald Harvey Jones: Both the Kremlin and the Cowboys

Despite the fascination with Russian history, this artist is a true American, because he is a Texan. Interest in drawing from a young Harvey originated in early childhood - a good time to find a passion for life. And so it happened: over time, his slate sketches turned into serious graphics and classical oil painting. But all the plein airs, realized in the bosom of nature, only proved to him that they can not satisfy his love of painting and express themselves to the end. Because the main topic was imagination.




Pictures of Harvey Jones (Gerald Harvey Jones), created today, are filled with light and pastel colors. And the manner and style remotely resemble the Russian impressionists. Plots - those that from the imagination - especially the urban ones, reflect the romantic beauty of American city life of the beginning of the last century. The artist managed to convey Michael Cheval art for sale, nothing else, like the atmosphere of those times - a sense of comfort, some kind of relationship between people. The author not only recognized and imagined, but gave the viewer all this. The color scheme and technique of writing help to feel what the artist himself felt.

The artist's career provided him with high public recognition. His first works - bronze sculptures and landscapes are now located in museum collections, in private homes, in residences of former and current American presidents, governors and other significant figures of the American public Vladimir Kush art for sale. The Smithsonian Institution chose John Harvey to paint a painting for the celebration of his 150th birthday. It was for this work that he received many awards, and these days became the reason for writing three books.