Frank Blackwell Mayer paintings

The Invasion.jpg

The Invasion

The Continentals.jpg

The Continentals

The Man of the House.jpg

The Man of the House

Leisure and Labor.jpg

Leisure and Labor

Annapolis in 1750also known as My Ladys Visit).jpg

Annapolis in 1750(also known as My Lady's Visit)

Portrait of William Henry Rinehart.jpg

Portrait of William Henry Rinehart

Indian Powwow at the Treaty of Traverse des Siou.jpg

Indian Powwow at the Treaty of Traverse des Siou

Path Along the Lakealso known as Wooded Gorge).jpg

Path Along the Lake(also known as Wooded Gorge)

Old Annapolis Francis Street.jpg

Old Annapolis, Francis Street

Vigilance The Gryphon.jpg

Vigilance, The Gryphon

Mountain View at Sunset.jpg

Mountain View at Sunset