Bartholomaeus Spranger paintings

Achelous and Deianeira.jpg

Achelous and Deianeira

Adoration of the Kings.jpg

Adoration of the Kings

Allegory of a Woman Pouring Wine into a Cup.jpg

Allegory of a Woman Pouring Wine into a Cup

Allegory of Fortune.jpg

Allegory of Fortune

Allegory of Justice and Prudence.jpg

Allegory of Justice and Prudence

Angelica and Medor.jpg

Angelica and Medor

Apollo and the Muses.jpg

Apollo and the Muses

Bacchus and Venus.jpg

Bacchus and Venus

Competition between Apollo and Pan.jpg

Competition between Apollo and Pan


Epitaph of Goldsmith Nicolas Müller of Prague

Glaucus and Scylla.jpg

Glaucus and Scylla


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