Henry Perronet Briggs

Portrait of an Unknown Gentleman.jpg

Portrait of an Unknown Gentleman

The Two Gentlemen of Verona Act II Scene 1 Milan The Dukes Palace: Valentine Speed and Silvia.jpg

The Two Gentlemen of Verona, Act II, Scene 1, Milan, The Duke's Palace: Valentine, Speed and Silvia

Sir Edward Codrington.jpg

Sir Edward Codrington

Thomas Lee Senior of Barnstaple Devon.jpg

Thomas Lee, Senior of Barnstaple, Devon

Charles Kemble.jpg

Charles Kemble

Thomas Young copy after Thomas Lawrence).jpg

Thomas Young (copy after Thomas Lawrence)

Rajah Rammohun Roy.jpg

Rajah Rammohun Roy

Sir Samuel Meyrick.jpg

Sir Samuel Meyrick

Mrs Thomas Lee.jpg

Mrs Thomas Lee

Sir William Elias Taunton.jpg

Sir William Elias Taunton

Charles Kemble.jpg

Charles Kemble


Henry Perronet Briggs

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