Camille Pissarro paintings

Afternoon in Eragny - grey weather.jpg

Afternoon in Eragny - grey weather

Crossroads at lHermitage Pontoise.jpg

Crossroads at l'Hermitage, Pontoise

Farmyard in Pontoise.jpg

Farmyard in Pontoise

La Cote de Chou a Pontoise.jpg

La Cote de 'Chou' a Pontoise

Landscape at Eragny.jpg

Landscape at Eragny

Landscape at Les Patis Pontoise also known as The Harvest Pontoise).jpg

Landscape at Les Patis, Pontoise (also known as The Harvest, Pontoise)

Landscape with Rocks Montfoucault.jpg

Landscape with Rocks, Montfoucault

Meadow with Grey Horse Eragny.jpg

Meadow with Grey Horse, Eragny

Path by a Lock Saint-Ouen-lAumône.jpg

Path by a Lock, Saint-Ouen-l'Aumône

Picking Herbs Eragny.jpg

Picking Herbs, Eragny


Poplars, Éragny


Camille Pissarro paintings

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