Placido Costanzi

Arbitration of Pope Benedict XIV.jpg

Arbitration of Pope Benedict XIV

Alexander the Great Founding Alexandria.jpg

Alexander the Great Founding Alexandria

George Keith 10th Earl Marischal.jpg

George Keith, 10th Earl Marischal

Narcissus and Echo.jpg

Narcissus and Echo

The Martyrdom of St Torpe.jpg

The Martyrdom of St. Torpe

Apollo and Daphne.jpg

Apollo and Daphne

Prince James Francis Edward Stewart.jpg

Prince James Francis Edward Stewart


Placido Costanzi


Ferdinand Hodler paintings

Boy Sitting with Branches.jpg

Boy Sitting with Branches

Montana Landscape with Becs de Bosson and Vallon de réchy.jpg

Montana Landscape with Becs de Bosson and Vallon de réchy



The Jungfraumassiv from Murren.jpg

The Jungfraumassiv from Murren

Tired of Life.jpg

Tired of Life

Portrait of Madame de R.jpg

Portrait of Madame de R.

Womans Head Looking Right.jpg

Woman's Head, Looking Right

Autumn Composition for Eurythmics.jpg

Autumn Composition for Eurythmics

Portrait of Gertrud Muller also known as Bildnis Gertrud Mueller).jpg

Portrait of Gertrud Muller (also known as Bildnis Gertrud Mueller)

The Reaper.jpg

The Reaper

Portrait of an Italian Woman Giulia Leonardi.jpg

Portrait of an Italian Woman, Giulia Leonardi



Martin Andreas Reisner

A Gathering of Indians in a Primeval Landscape.jpg

A Gathering of Indians in a Primeval Landscape

The Forest Queen in Winter.jpg

The 'Forest Queen' in Winter