Jean-Leon Gerome Ferris paintings

The Birth of Pennsylvania.jpg

The Birth of Pennsylvania

The Favorite.jpg

The Favorite

Writing the Declaration of Independence 1776.jpg

Writing the Declaration of Independence, 1776

Lincoln and the Contrabands 1863.jpg

Lincoln and the Contrabands, 1863

The First Thanksgiving 1621.jpg

The First Thanksgiving, 1621



Asher Brown Durand art

Shandaken Ulster County New York.jpg

Shandaken, Ulster County, New York


View near Saugerties

View near Saugerties.jpg

Hudson River Sketch.jpg

Hudson River Sketch

Landscape Sunset.jpg

Landscape Sunset

Pastoral Landscape.jpg

Pastoral Landscape

Study of Trees and Rocks Kaaterskill Clove New York.jpg

Study of Trees and Rocks, Kaaterskill Clove, New York

An August Afternoon.jpg

An August Afternoon

Landscape - Scene from Thanatopsis.jpg

Landscape - Scene from Thanatopsis

Study: Woodland Interior.jpg

Study: Woodland Interior

The Picnic.jpg

The Picnic

Ariadne after John Vanderlyn).jpg

Ariadne (after John Vanderlyn)


Asher Brown Durand art


Georges Michel paintings

Gathering Storm.jpg

Gathering Storm

Landscape with Mill.jpg

Landscape with Mill

Harvest Under Stormy Skies.jpg

Harvest Under Stormy Skies

A Landscape with Fallen Trees.jpg

A Landscape with Fallen Trees

Stormy Landscape with Ruins on a Plain.jpg

Stormy Landscape with Ruins on a Plain

View over the Seine.jpg

View over the Seine