English artist Albert Joseph Moore

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Under the influence of Pre-Raphaelites: English artist Albert Joseph Moore (Albert Joseph Moore 1841-1893)

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Albert Joseph Moore (September 4, 1841 - September 25, 1893), an English artist.
He was born in York (Yorkshire, England).
The smallest of 14 children in the family of the artist William Moore. Father was a famous portraitist, brother Edwin Moore - watercolorist and teacher, brother William Moore - landscape painter and teacher, brother John Kolingem Moore - children's painter, landscape painter and master of genre drawing.
After the death of his father, in 1850 the family moved to London. The future artist studies at the Kensington Art School and subsequently at the Royal Academy of Arts.
Already at that time, his paintings were influenced by the school of pre-Raphaelites, the artistic style that emerged as a result of the synthesis of modern symbolism and romantic images.

In the early 1860's. A.J. Moore undertook a trip to Rome, where he developed his interest in classical sculpture, which received original refraction in the paintings. The artist was well acquainted with the collection of antique statues of the British Museum.
The very first orders of A.Mur were the development of design of fabrics, wallpapers, tiles, frescoes and glass.
In his works he used formalized classic scenery for the depiction of languid female figures, seducing the viewer, as a harmony of color and form, and his eroticism. A female figure is a means of expressing the abstract language of forms, colors, lines and patterns.

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LAIR LEIGHTON (BRITISH 1853 - 1922) Part 35 - Influenced by Pre-Raphaelites: English artist Albert Joseph Moore (Albert Joseph Moore 1841-1893)


Artist Charles White

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Artist Charles White.

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Charles H. White was born in Quebec, Canada, in 1943. From his earliest childhood he showed interest in painting. Up to six years he developed his talent, starting from snapping birds and animals with pencil. At the age of fourteen he switched to oil painting. Already a teenager, many of his landscapes were successfully sold.

In 19 Vladimir Kush art

67 he graduated from the University. travels actively looking for the most impressive landscapes that combine elements of different places in one, in a perfect and romantic setting. His landscapes have found honorable places in the houses, where he prioritises - elegance and tranquility. "I want to communicate with people on an emotional level and share with them the tranquility that nature affects me." With more than forty years of experience in creating works of art, the artist's talent and experience is visible when you are faced with the gracefulness of the gardens and landscapes depicted on the landscapes. Each composition is classically designed with an emphasis on design principles, color and contrast. His technique creates a light multi-level work, which offers the viewer to plunge into the world of calm beauty.
For many years, the artist enjoys the recognition of both critics and colleagues. He won numerous awards and his original paintings are in collections around the world.


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