Charles Van den Eycken and his cat


Charles H. VAN DEN EYCKEN (one thousand eight hundred fifty-nine - in 1923)

Like many of his contemporaries, Van den Eycken specializes in painting pets often cute and playful situations. Charles was born on April 17, 1859 in a family of artists - his grandfather, Frans van den Eycken, and his father, Charles Van den Eycken, were artists. His grandfather was a painter scenery and his father was a well-known landscape painter. Early scientist Charles came from him, and he continued his studies at the Academy of Brussels under George. Stevens, genre and animal painter.




Charles was a member of the L'Essor - group, which was founded in 1876, when Realism became the unifying movement among many young artists. The group organized a number of exhibitions in Brussels and Ostend, Antwerp and London;, help to spread their names across Europe. Charles was also a regular participant in the Brussels Salon and was awarded numerous medals.





At The Winds Edge

Van den Eycken considered one of the leading domestic animal artists of the 19th century and even during his lifetime are highly sought after - receiving a commission from Queen Henrietta Belgium.







Stunning watercolors Yuko Nagayama

   Nagayama Yuka was born in 1963 in Tokyo. In 1985 graduated from art school at a premium, and in 1987 the School of Arts Department Satoru Tokyo.
Since 2009 - the teacher of painting at the University of the Arts Musashino. Together with other watercolorist Kazuo Kasai opened his own school of watercolor, constantly conducts master classes. French paper uses ARCHES, gold paint, salt, concealer, etc. Also writes acrylic.


Edward Gordon paintings







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Let your dreams will only color ... Flowers by Vie Dunn-Harr

"My work is a reflection of all that I see around me and the people I know. Once I realized that flowers are as gentle creatures as a woman. However, any of these things, no matter how weak, in your opinion , it may be, has its strengths, which are in any position allow it to take over, no matter how disastrous it was. "
Let your dreams be just colored.
Lara Mishanova.

Let it be your dreams - only colored ...
Bright, warm, full of light ...
Will all your desires - crazy ...
And it never ends ...
Let your dreams be colored in
Golden autumn dawn rose,
Shower of silver (it's a miracle!) ...
Ripe raspberry left summer ...
Let your songs pierce snow-white,
Color, which competes Eternity ...
Spray-violet gentle safely
you can add ... And the sun carelessness ...
Let your fairy tales sparkle green -
Color has not yet expired Hope ...
Let them complement the color red and in love -
Think of it, returning to something ... "before" ...
Let your everyday holiday breaks,
Easy, a little like a fairy tale ...
Let there be peace surprisingly different ...
And I will have a place in it too ...

 Elena Ilku paintings


Vie Dunn-Harr (Vie Dunn-Harr), a talented contemporary artist. Born in San Antonio, Texas in the United States, in 1953. Dunn-Harr was looking for his own artistic style is very long, deliberately slowly and without taking any hasty decisions, and even now, with its own unique style of painting, continues to explore new ways of working in painting. Education, the artist, was trained first at the Art Institute of Lorenzo de 'Medici in Florence, Italy, then to the Academy of Art Tolbach-Dobbiaco, Italy.
Much of the early work Wee created under the influence of the traditional style of painting art school and now she continues to study this style, using it as a base in his work and is not trying to move away from him. Her work is organically intertwined with elements rooted in contemporary architecture. Drawings of flowers on her paintings are sensual, but at the same time they can be seen a combination of strength and fragility of nature. Dunn-Harr considers himself a modern realist. Her drawings of flowers exhibited in the US, Europe and Mexico.
Drawings to color. Vie Dunn-Harr











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