Seductive Cubism. Artist George Kurasov


Artist George Kurasov, no doubt, is one of the most prominent representative of this trend in painting, cubism.


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George was born in 1958 in the Soviet Leningrad. In this city he lives to this day. A picture Kurasova sold in the US alone. More precisely, he sells them only through the United States.

At first glance, irregular shapes and distorted proportions repel create a feeling of some imbalance. But if you look closely and try to feel these pictures, there is a completely different emotions. Let's look.

Artist George Kurasov and his paintings.








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Gentle morning by Birgitta Sjostedt


Here sunrise cool drunk

From the garden blooming datura.

Band rosy dawn

We draw a bright future.


Wind quiet whispers barely audible

Compliments, caressing her hair.

Crown limes Curly-lush

Divided band tracks.


Stars go out as flashlights,

And forgive us fun.

Clouds balloons

Morning in the sky gently weight.


Heart sadness filled him -

Swift morning a little upset ...

Well, do you remember that night?

Okay, so that our world is arranged ...




Beautiful landscapes or flowers can perpetuate, not only with photos, but with the help of thread and needle. Create wonderful embroidery can all needlewoman using cross stitch patterns. This common and simple technology, which is owned by all women, because earlier in the school were taught to embroider. Embroidery can create masterpieces that attract the eye, especially if the scheme embroidery good. Cross Stitch - ancient art before they were carried away almost all men and women. Then, with the advent of the Internet, this craze faded into the background. But it is still alive, and the master is not extinct. You can embroider and landscapes, and still lifes, and funny pictures with animals. The choice of a large, easy search.


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Mark Spain (women's images)


Mark Spain (Mark Spain) passionate connoisseur of feminine beauty and charm, captures in his paintings lovely subtle moments of gentle feminine appearance, singing femininity and skillfully reflecting exquisite feminine beauty, seeks Flax dance movement, grace and charm.





not translated yet connoisseurs of female beauty, glorifying the beauty,

femininity and charm itself !!!



















His skill and technical graphics Mark Spain studied at the College of Arts in Medway (Medway College of Art), whereby, experimenting with various objects and methods, he began to create his amazing work in the studio in Kent.


His amazing work, the atmosphere of the movement, the spirit, the beautiful moments of feminine charm and special mood exhibited at numerous exhibitions in famous galleries of Chelsea (Chelsea) and Hampton Court (Hampton Court) and many showrooms UK, and today many of his talented paintings are by collectors from around the world, including Japan, USA, Canada, Spain, Belgium, France, New Zealand, Australia, the Netherlands and Hong Kong,.


"... My art began with a love of landscape images. However, as time went on, I felt the need to develop other forms of images from the abstract to the figurative. I am constantly experimenting with different subjects and objects, which are then reflected in my work. Although this new for me, I accepted a new challenge "© Mark Spain ..