Add photos to the album.

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For beginners: add photos to the album.

I already have lessons on keeping diaries, but they are created under the "Panos Terlemezian art for sale

configuration." To use them, you need to click on "Settings Old Settings" in Settings. As questions arise, I will publish lessons for newcomers to "New settings".

Click on the profile for the word "SETTINGS" (under the avatar)

We find the "Photo Album" block and customize it at our discretion, just as you can with other blocks. In rotation, it means that the block will arbitrarily change its location.

Be sure to save the changes

Open the Profile and find the customized unit "Photo Album" and click on "Add"

First, come up with the name of a series of photos, for example, "My cat" or "My family", etc.

The names of the series of photos can be edited through the Old settings, i.e. press under the avatar on the "SETTINGS", then find the Old settings, then "Series in the photo album"

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