Artist Charles White

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Artist Charles White.

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Charles H. White was born in Quebec, Canada, in 1943. From his earliest childhood he showed interest in painting. Up to six years he developed his talent, starting from snapping birds and animals with pencil. At the age of fourteen he switched to oil painting. Already a teenager, many of his landscapes were successfully sold.

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67 he graduated from the University. travels actively looking for the most impressive landscapes that combine elements of different places in one, in a perfect and romantic setting. His landscapes have found honorable places in the houses, where he prioritises - elegance and tranquility. "I want to communicate with people on an emotional level and share with them the tranquility that nature affects me." With more than forty years of experience in creating works of art, the artist's talent and experience is visible when you are faced with the gracefulness of the gardens and landscapes depicted on the landscapes. Each composition is classically designed with an emphasis on design principles, color and contrast. His technique creates a light multi-level work, which offers the viewer to plunge into the world of calm beauty.
For many years, the artist enjoys the recognition of both critics and colleagues. He won numerous awards and his original paintings are in collections around the world.

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