Galina Lukyanov ... ~ ... ~ On Earth

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Galina Lukyanov ... ~ ... ~ On Earth

In one moment to see eternity,
Huge world - in a grain of sand,
In a single handful - infinity
And the sky - in the calyx ...

William Blake


June. From the cycle Solstice
Retell her stories - they are simple and unsophisticated: the life of trees and water, illuminated with the light clouds life, living things in an old house window.
Her photographs are sincere and unfamiliar. Unfamiliar, because very few people have seen them, unfamiliar because the life of clouds and old clock, cats and puddles nobody knows.
She was an artist, when few people had the idea that with the help of pictures can be creative.
It works, while in the newspapers even referred reporters photographer. It can not touch her. Otherwise, there is no need to live in the countryside - still can not hear what is going on among the flowers.
She lives on the ground, garden and chicken breeds, once a year disappear into the wilderness for a month to shoot as spring comes back, prints long and hard to portray what she sees on the ground, just as you know it only it ...



House of cycle-1


Artist Galina Lukyanov was born in the seventies, when she was in her late twenties, she had already left the profession of engineer for photos. It happened quietly: young woman engaged in fotokruzhke with children, went from portraits and genre contemporaries began to show pictures and landscapes. While they seemed unusual not only just a spectator, but also professionals from the photos. Today, when the history of photographic art in Russia ajar and many of the names of the old masters at the hearing, photos Galina Lukyanova without losing the mystery ...



House of cycle-1

Beauty, seen her in harmony with Turgenev's novels, it is clear, ghostly, transparent and perfect. Her photos - the same perfection. Slightly change the tone or trim frame - and all will become a commonplace, STTS. It leaves only those that are accurate. And rarely gives them names - how to identify a word that the abundance of meanings that carries the light in her pictures; calls only series - schools of thought throughout the years until they are ...


Forest stream. Kupavnitsy
She lives among the archetypes. Recent simply slip out of control of her mind, settling in ghost cats, mirrors, windows and spinning wheel, books, watches, empty and exposed subjects. She has a lot of self-portraits, where her reflection in the glass, her photos, her camera. As if she has fused with objects became manifest their soul, and humanizing - was locked in this world of things, each of which, like the ancients, bears her name, she does not exist as reality itself and the flesh ...


March. Stand By
"Two sleep at times come to me, - says Galina Lukyanov. - The first - the train leaves, and I, like Robinson, staying in an unfamiliar wild place. No people, no housing around. Look around and suddenly realize - at no shoulder bag with a camera. Anguish and despair embrace me what I would do, how and why to live? In the second - the same train leaves me in the wilderness, but the trunk with me. And after seeing the eyes of the train, - "Well, let him go ..." - I quietly left alone with nature. "
Galina Lukyanov


From the cycle House


From the cycle House




From cycle to leave the village


High Water


House of cycle-1


From the cycle House-2


October. From the series Autumn notebook



November. Whirlpool.


River Protva


From the series Kitchen



From cycle to leave the village

"My photos I try to prove (perhaps primarily to itself), that the world in which I would like to live - there is, it is as real as the chaos that we see around us. Perhaps that is why I admit to myself only the photograph that bears the features of the document that is printed from one negative and without any technical tricks distorting nature. "

Galina Lukyanov

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